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In 1983, Kim Tindall & Associates was founded by an intuitive, motivated, and resourceful young court reporter. By providing the same, core lit-support, services they do today, Kim grew KTandA to employ some 70 freelance and full-time personnel and provide local offices throughout South Texas to her clients. KTandA would become one of the state’s largest litigation support firms at the time, all while maintaining HUB certification as well as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise distinction.

In 1997, Tindall sold the company to a publicly traded entity where she would remain for 12 years, ultimately becoming Vice President of Regional Operations. Under Kim’s direction, the company’s services would grow to include Trial Consulting, Electronic Data Discovery, and a national referral service alongside its core Lit-Support services.

In early 2009, still being the instinctive, driven and proficient entrepreneur she was in 1983, Kim re-launched Kim Tindall & Associates. This time, however, the company was formed with a comprehensive understanding of the needs of large multi-district litigators, nationwide clients, as well as the small and medium-sized firms she has always served.

Today, KTandA retains its HUB certified distinction and offers the same core services they have throughout the years. Complemented by the power of technology, KTandA strives to add value in every aspect of the services they provide in order to make our clients as effective of litigators as possible.

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