Legal Video

The deposition is the cornerstone of discovery and building a solid case. With trial in mind, capturing a deponent’s testimony on video can be the difference in effectively communicating credible (or not credible) testimony.

With KTA, you can remotely hold depositions, arbitrations, meetings, witness communication training, mock trials, and other jury research sessions.

KTA’s in-house Legal videography department employs highly experienced legal videographers providing the widest range of video deposition solutions. Using up-to-date technology, the most current video formats and industry standard software, KTA’s video department delivers the highest quality final product to take you from discovery to trial.

KTAConnect (Remote Online Video Depositions)
With KTAConnect, you can depose a witness virtually from anywhere in the world providing clients with real-time access to depositions, meetings, hearings and mediations. KTAConnect’s virtual platform is HIPAA compliant will provide you with full deposition management powered by one of KTA’s friendly and experienced Hosts. Combining tech experience with KTA’s virtual platform, our KTAConnect Hosts are able to provide seamless support throughout the duration of your event.

You can:

  • Connect using computers, tablets or even smartphones
  • Record entire session (mp4 format)
  • Display your exhibits
  • Schedule a court reporter or interpreter to join remotely
  • Video feed your witness directly into a courtroom for live testimony

The KTAConnect Host will handle:

  • Presenting exhibits, demonstratives and videos
  • Real-time management of annotations, zooming, blow-ups, highlights and markings
  • Creating and managing break-out rooms (moving people in between rooms, controlling room access and overseeing confidentiality)

You can be confident in hosting your event remotely — KTAConnect is available to test each party’s equipment before the online session and our tech support will be available from start to finish. The KTAConnect platform is fully encrypted, secure and HIPAA compliant.

Certified legal videography (CLV) is available for all KTAConnect depositions. The videographer will provide you with an official copy of the event, for both on and off record.

Equipment rental: KTA offers an array of state-of-the-art equipment should you need it.  Reach out to one of our experienced Techs to discuss your particular needs.

Video Services

  • In-house videographers
  • Worldwide deposition coverage
  • TrialDirector technicians
  • Video / transcript sync
  • Editing, cutting, and redacting video for trial use
  • Site inspections
  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Courtroom video playback
  • Multimedia video depositions
  • Picture-in-Picture video technology
  • Hyperlinking exhibits to synced video formats (LEF, XMEF, SBF, PTZ, MDB)
  • Audio & video conversions
  • VHS digitization
  • Green screen productions

KTA Depositions

  • Customization to attorneys’ needs
  • Live Picture-in-Picture captured in HD
  • Display exhibits to witness using TrialDirector on a laptop, or using a mini Elmo, or both
  • Touchscreen monitors for witness to annotate exhibits
  • Multiple monitors for attending attorneys to view
  • Great for trial depositions and expert witnesses
  • TrialDirector certified videographers and technicians