Nationwide Court Reporting

Court Reporting Services

KTA offers court reporting services all over the state of Texas.

We provide you with a skilled, knowledgeable court reporter in the field to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into a written form.

Do not underestimate the importance of good court reporting. The outcome of your legal proceedings may depend on it. You need a highly trained, experienced court reporter to make sure the transcribed information is thorough and accurate. Our court reporters are known for their accuracy and attention to detail. When you receive your transcripts, you’ll be glad you hired one of our court reporters.

Our court reporters are the best in the state of Texas. We make it easier for you to get the information you need when you need it so your legal proceedings can go as smoothly as possible.

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Transcription Contacts

Shannon McFarland

Scheduling Manager

(210) 641-3156

Nancy Renfroe

Transcript Production Manager

(210) 319-1088

Kim Tindall


(210) 641-3150

Brandon Tindall

Operations Manager

(512) 592-3572

Kim Tindall and all of her court reporters are the best in the industry! Period! They are prompt, efficient, cooperative and extraordinarily competent. You will always be assured that when you hire Kim Tindall and Associates, you are getting the best the industry has to offer—at every turn!

-Kyle Watson
Partner at Goode, Casseb, Jones, Riklin, Choate & Watson
A San Antonio, Texas Law Firm