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When you schedule your Trial Technician with Kim Tindall & Associates, you’ll receive a competent professional along with the necessary tools you need to ensure that your organized and insightful presentation is as compelling as possible at trial or mediation.

Our seasoned trial team’s record includes over 8,000 trial hours participating in landmark cases, some of the most lengthy Jury trials, and highest Jury verdicts in the State of Texas. With a thorough understanding of judicial procedure, from Discovery to Verdict, and intimate knowledge of powerful presentation software, and hardware, our specialists seamlessly integrate with your trial team.

Trial Presentation Testimonial

“Have you had one of those days like mine.  It’s 5:00 p.m., the tech staff has left for the day, you are to say the least technically challenged in many ways, your attorney(s) have the presentation of all presentations in the works for a re-hearing before an out of state Judge and you need help NOW.  Who you gonna call?  Vanessa to the rescue.

God Bless Vanessa, she returned to our offices after 5:00 p.m., and stayed until almost 8:00 p.m.  She brought her own equipment so that she was ready for any circumstance. She asked a few questions of the attorney to determine how the final output would be used,  prepared clips, exported them in the proper format, created a presentation that would be compatible with the version already in play.

To further put our minds at rest, she copied the presentation onto the actual laptop to be used so that the attorney was comfortable it would be “All Systems GO!” while he was out of town.  She went so far as to put a shortcut on the desktop for his convenience.  Vanessa is highly skilled in all tech areas, especially with digital evidence preparation and presentations and all technical litigation support areas.  Kudo’s to Vanessa!!”

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